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The Open Source for Equality WOM Challenge: How it is going so far

by fanny

The Open Source for Equality (OSEQ) challenge was created by  Audiopedia Foundation Currently for content creators, organizations, and developers to participate in Open source projects.

There is a lack of diversity in the open source communities. The goal of the OSEQ challenge is to encourage inclusive participation in open source projects.

The OSEQ challenge is a competition where anyone can join and participate in three different projects, WOM FM (for absolute beginners), Curious Learner (for intermediates), and Uganda EMR (For advanced). However, the WOM.FM Project is women-only participation. Each category has its own set of rules and guidelines.

WOM stands for “Word of Mouth” which is an open platform for accessible audio information to marginalized populations using short URLs (e.g. wom.fm/123) and QR codes. It also enables local developers and content creators to build and deploy their own web apps.

The WOM challenge has five participants who have been working diligently to complete their first round of tasks. It is exciting to see these female developers building their own version of WOM based on different topics.

Some of the topics include gender-based violence, career guidance, health education, digital literacy, and nutrition.

They have all finished their test projects, documented, and also deployed on GitHub pages and Netlify. And yes, the deploy platform choice was theirs.

A few days to come the participants will be showcasing their final product and each will be used by corresponding Organizations.


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